Winter 2011 Newsletter
Chute machines, trade shows and glass recycling figures!
BottleCycler at the Clubs & Hotels 2011 Expo
Come and see BottleCycler at the Melbourne Clubs & Hotels 2011 Expo on 31.05.2011 - 01.06.2011
Spring 2010 Newsletter
Read about BottleCycler's 500th client and other exciting news!
Winter 2010 Newsletter
Read our latest newsletter - monitor your carbon emissions using CO2 reporting and achieve environmental best practice.
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Specifications for Design and Fit-Out
Changing the way you look? Why not change the way you manage your glass recycling and save time. space and money and reduce your footprint on the environment.
400 Venues Using BottleCycler!
Over 400 venues are now using BottleCycler - recycling an average of 350 tonnes of glass per month and you don't have to be big to benefit..
Victorian Premier Sustainability Awards 2009
BottleCycler one of 3 companies shortlisted as finalist

Welcome to the BottleCycler

BottleCycler is the quiet, environmentally friendly bottle crusher that helps you manage your waste glass safely and effectively. BottleCycler is available as a full service package - we provide the crusher, all glass collection, machine maintenance & servicing and recycling of the glass for a monthly leasing fee.

1.Reduce empty
   glass bottle
   volume by 80%

2.Safe, quiet,  
   compact and 
   simple to use

3.Less volume 
   means less 
   collection costs

BottleCycler quietly reduces the disposable volume of your empty bottles by 80%
The machine, inside your bar area, reduces the volume by crushing the glass into recyclable pieces, fast, quiet, safe and easy.

BottleCycler puts an end to glass related OH&S accidents and possible noise complaints. Eliminates direct contact with empty bottles. Stay behind the bar to serve guests instead of carrying heavy bar bins outside. No need to tip the bar bins into big bins, just wheel the 60L bin outside.

One little 60L BottleCycler bin holds the rough equivalent of -
2 x regular bins or -
300 stubbies!
No huge bins filled with air but a small bin on wheels filled with crushed glass. Smaller and tidier bin area and more efficient and quiet collection.