Container Deposit Scheme

Get your Cash Back from the Container Deposit Scheme using BottleCycler!

Over the last 18 months BottleCycler has worked closely with the EPA in NSW to ensure that its customers are not excluded from the CDS.  They have confirmed that customers will now receive a refund on their glass bottles without having to separate qualifying and non-qualifying bottles onsite. They simply put all their bottles through the machine in the usual way and receive the cash back quarterly.

NSW Manager Jason Saffy advised that “the refund for the first quarter has been calculated at $9.09 +gst per bin which currently covers the cost of our collection service in full! The eligible container factor “ECF” has been calculated for the first quarter at 2.25 eligible containers per kilogram of crushed glass. The NSW EPA will continue to conduct on going sampling and release the applicable ECF at the end of each quarter, and refunds will be back paid for each quarter. The good news is that refunds for current customers of BottleCycler will be back dated to 1st December 2017.”

This is great news for venues who have had no way to claim the glass refund other than going through the time consuming exercise of separating bottles manually and taking them to a Reverse Vending Machine, a process which  is labour intensive, impractical and can leave venues with a large number of ineligible bottles to dispose of!

Now you can enjoy the benefits of the BottleCycler glass management and recycling service and offset the majority of the cost with your CDS refund!