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CO² Reporting for our clients:  As part of the service we offer our clients, to assist them with the monitoring of their carbon emissions, we are able to produce quarterly or monthly reports detailing a venue’s environmental impact and savings.  These reports include:

  • Number of bins collected per month
  • Kgs of glass collected
  • Kgs of carbon dioxide (CO²) saved

Further savings are made when crushed glass is used in the manufacture of new glass, as significant energy savings are made by using recycled glass as the heat required in the glass manufacturing process is less than that required when purely raw materials are used in the process.

Register for CO² reporting: If you would like to register to receive regular reports please speak to your account manager or email us.

Recycling Report Example

These reports will provide metrics to assist your venue in monitoring its progress in meeting the goals of Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER)

BottleCycler’s glass bottle crusher is compact, quiet and user friendly. Positioned in your service area it can generate:
50% reduction in labour
80% savings in space
minimise noise
improve OH&S management

All crushed glass is recyclable and BottleCycler offers the complete service for a fixed monthly fee which includes the equipment, routine maintenance, emergency break down support and regular glass collections.

Background on glass recycling

BottleCycler Pty Ltd introduced the concept of on-premises bottle crushing in the Australian glass recycling industry in 2002, focussing on the  hospitality industry to access one of the largest sources of waste glass. On-premises crushing is achieved by using a machine specifically designed to reduce the volume of empty glass bottles by 80% in a quiet, safe and efficient way.

The BottleCycler service team takes care of maintenance of the crusher and bins, and also collects the glass.

For hospitality outlets the volume reduction leads to lower collection costs, savings in storage space, less handling, fewer noise problems, a significant reduction in OH&S risks and a much tidier workplace. For larger hotels these savings can amount to over $30,000 per year, measured in opportunity cost of $25 per hour. Up to 50% of the monthly fee for the crusher and service is usually already recouped by the reduction in collection cost or by saving 15 minutes daily on labour costs.

The crushed glass particles are referred to as cullet. The collected crushed glass cullet is then taken to processing plants in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth for automatic sorting and recycling. BottleCycler has adapted the output from the crushers to meet various processing requirements to achieve a recovery rate of bottle recycling that is far above industry average.

The BottleCycler processed cullet may be used to make glass containers again provided the cullet is sorted by colour, as the glass cullet is not contaminated with foreign materials like ceramics or ovenware and is of a consistent quality and size.

Glass recycling rates in the hospitality industry have historically been very low, typically due to cost,  inefficient logistics and ongoing contamination issues. Traditionally the bottle truck collects from 10 venues; for the first 9 venues the glass load is perfect but the last venue has a contaminated load, which contaminates the whole  truckload and destines it for landfill. Due to limited processing facilities most bins filled with bottles, broken glass and contaminants end up in landfill. BottleCycler Glass Management Service, wherever possible, uses dedicated trucks which exclusively collect the clean glass cullet, processed by the BottleCycler crusher. This cullet can deliver up to 80% of beneficiated glass cullet that may be used to make new bottles!

The benefits for the environment are significant. Early stage crushing eliminates most of the noise pollution attached to the process of collecting glass, it improves the overall quality of the recyclable glass cullet (resulting in a higher recovery rate) and it reduces CO² discharge in the atmosphere. As a unique and major component of our full on-site service model, the quiet BottleCycler glass crusher enables a ‘painless’ and cost effective implementation in the hospitality industry with benefits for every participant in the supply chain: the venue, the bin collector, the venue’s neighbours, the recycler, the glass industry and most importantly the environment.

Finalist in Premier’s Sustainability Awards.  The awards highlight companies who are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their products.

You just put the bottle into the machine and we take care of the rest, all for a fixed monthly fee.