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Machine Safety features

“The BottleCycler also deals with all the associated OH&S issues surrounding hospitality practice. It removes all danger involved with carrying, sorting and disposing of glass bottles on venue premise.

Bottles are manually fed into the top of the BottleCycler. The crushing process is completely safe; at no point does staff come into contact with the bottle breaking process. Glass is crushed within seconds and is captured in a small 60 litre wheelie bin that sits internally within the device.

The BottleCycler has very user-friendly control panel that constantly monitors the machine’s operation. A number of sensors have been incorporated into the machine that monitors areas including the presence of a bin, the top lid and doors being closed, the operation of the machine and also the filling of the bin with the crushed glass. Should any of these sensors detect an issue the machine will automatically shut down and display the required action on its display panel, including when the bin requires emptying”.

Technical Specifications

Specifications for Design and Fit Out Feb 2010: Click on the link  for technical installation details to be considered when planning the integration of BottleCycler into a new or refurbished bar area or simply incorporating a stand alone model into the design of your existing venue.

Company Info

Mission Statement:

BottleCycler is committed to supplying the ‘away from home’ recycling industry a reliable, OH&S sound and economically viable solution for glass container recycling. By reducing volume, eliminating contamination issues, reducing noise complaints and OH&S risks, all parties involved will benefit from a successful implementation of this revolutionary recycling service, before recycling becomes a mandatory and expensive component of managing a hospitality outlet.