Machine Safety Features

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Machine Safety features

BottleCycler assists the hospitality industry to achieve best practice in OH&S by  removing   the danger involved with carrying, sorting and disposing of glass bottles on venue premises.

Bottles are manually fed into the top of the BottleCycler. The crushing process is completely safe; at no point do staff come into contact with the bottle breaking process or resulting crushed glass. Glass is crushed within seconds and is captured in a small 60 litre wheelie bin that is fully enclosed within the device.

The BottleCycler has a very user-friendly control panel that constantly monitors the machine’s operation ensuring it functions safely. A number of sensors have been incorporated into the machine that monitor functions including the presence of a bin, the top lid and doors being closed, the operation of the machine and also the filling of the bin with the crushed glass. Should any of these sensors detect an issue the machine will automatically lock out and display the required action on its display panel, including when the bin requires emptying.