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BottleCycler Specifications for Design and Fit-out

BottleCycler Machine
Unit dimensions: Height 150 cm, Width 50 cm, Depth 65 cm
Unit weight: 90 kg
Noise level: 68 dB (approx.. speaking voice level)
Processing speed: Approximately 60 wine bottles or 80 beer bottles per minute


BottleCycler Bin
Bin dimensions: Height 60 cm, Width 48 cm, Depth 52 cm
Full bin weight: 65 kg rolling weight
Holding capacity: Approximately 300 crushed beer bottles or 200 crushed wine bottles
Volume reduction: 2-3 x 1 20 litre bins = Approximately 1 x small 60 litre BottleCycler bin 10 x bar bins = Approximately 1 x small 60 litre BottleCycler bin


Technical Requirements
Power: Standard 240 V, single phase, 10 amp
3 – phase can be supplied on request
Installation: Freestanding or built – in joinery. Allow 30 cm space on top to insert bottles
Ventilation space: Free flow underneath. The unit is on feet and is partly adjustable
Drip tray Unit has a rubber protection iris, which can be removed and cleaned easily
Glass colour separation: In Australia no separation is required, as BottleCycler provides a glass collection service in all metropolitan areas. The glass collected is then recycled.


Preferred Location On Site
Close to basin: For emptying liquids out of bottles. Although the machine will accept liquids, the machine will become dirty faster with residue
Close to the serving area: In order to eliminate double – handling


Optional Extras
Chute: Machine can be installed in the cellar with only the top box being in the bar area
Wheels: Wheels under the unit, which add 40 mm on each side and 10 mm in height