Luna Park Adopts Best Practice Glass Recycling

Luna Park Sydney
Luna Park Sydney has commenced using BottleCycler’s glass crushing equipment and recycling service to manage waste glass produced by functions in Crystal Palace. “This provides a more efficient recycling solution as the glass is separated at first point, reducing the possible contamination and waste that can occur with glass in the existing co-mingled recycling system.”

“We are thrilled that the iconic Crystal Palace, a heritage-listed building on Sydney Harbour which has been restored to its former glory is now recycling the glass used by its guests at events for all occasions ranging from 50-1300 guests”. Hendrik van Rhijn, Founder, BottleCycler

“Using BottleCycler to recycle our glass is yet another step towards reaching our sustainability objectives and very much in line with our Vision for a Sustainable Luna Park in the future. The CO2 Reports that we receive enable us to measure the progress we make in reducing our impact on the environment and help us to demonstrate to our clients that we’re adhering to recycling best practice. In addition, our staff benefit from safer handling of glass in line with our policy of providing safe working conditions and we save space in our loading dock area”. Peter Mason, Senior Venues and Infrastructure Manager, Luna Park

The functions industry in Sydney has grown and evolved beyond recognition since the mid-eighties. Mega events such as the Olympics and the Bicentennial have added to Sydney’s reputation as a vibrant global city. The growth and professionalisation of the industry in both small and mid-size venues is testament to the attractiveness of the city. BottleCycler is proud to provide recycling services that support this evolution.

Luna Park Sydney hosts over 1.2 million visitors yearly, not just in the amusement park, but across 12 function venues, an event auditorium and a harbour‐side restaurant.
Luna Park Sydney and Sydney Harbour Bridge at night Events of all types, corporate functions, exhibitions, conferences, music concerts, festivals, sports and celebratory events have a huge impact on the environment through the use of extensive resources, creation of waste, transportation requirements and resultant CO2 emissions.

Sustainability has become an important part of the decision making process for event organisers. In their efforts to comply with ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems, they now tend to seek out venues who comply with their event management requirements. Luna Park Sydney will be better placed to serve those clients and meet those demands with the transparent reporting provided by BottleCycler on glass collection and CO2 savings.

BottleCycler assist companies in meeting their CSR objectives
BottleCycler provide compact glass crushing equipment and recycling service that assists the hospitality industry in meeting its environmental objectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a strategy increasingly adopted by organisations as consumers become more concerned about the sustainability and environmental impact of the goods and services they purchase.

A competitive advantage can be gained by companies with successful strategies to mitigate their environmental impact and enhance the quality of their stakeholder relationships. This is often hard to measure but has a positive impact on consumer appeal, reputation, brand image, employee attraction and retention. Those that choose to ignore business practices that adhere to the concept of CSR do so at their peril, with negative results measurable in their bottom line and brand reputation.

Company behaviour is increasingly important to consumers and as a result over two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies now report on CSR and non-financial activity.

Gathering the data can be difficult. Tracking operational metrics is one quantitative way that companies measure, set targets and track performance. Tons of carbon emitted is a measure that is increasingly used.

At BottleCycler we support our clients with the preparation of CO² reports to enhance their public disclosures and assist them with the monitoring of carbon emissions. These reports include kgs of glass collected for recycling and kgs of carbon dioxide saved, data which is used in monitoring the company’s progress in meeting the goals of their CSR and Sustainability Programme.
Sample glass recycling report