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The Star, Sydney

BottleCycler have without doubt always been an excellent company to deal with. They take what they do very seriously and will make sure their equipment is functioning 100% at all times. There is always an extremely quick response time to service calls and there is always a prompt follow up from Jason shortly after. I highly recommend them for any size business.


Royal Sydney Golf Club, Sydney

Royal Sydney Golf Club has been using two BottleCycler units now for over three years. During this time the units have helped deal with our bottle recycling issues which mainly revolved around the lack of space in our garbage area. The crushed bottles that come from the units save us space by about 75%.

We have located one unit in our main function area and this has substantially saved on labour, with the bottles being crushed as we go and not having to have a staff member carry crates of empties to the garbage room every 30mins.

During our large events like The Australian Golf Open, BottleCycler provided extra bins and extra pickups, which greatly reduced the stress on our garbage area during this extremely busy period.

We have never had an issue with missed pickups. Their truck drivers even come into our garbage room and take the bins out to the truck, another cost saving exercise.


Wentworthville Leagues Club, Sydney

We have been using the BottleCycler glass waste management system for 4 years. Originally I tested the waste management system with one machine but within a short period of time I added additional machines to cover all our bars. We now have 4 machines throughout the club that help us to ensure that all the glass produced by the club is recycled. We have recycled 158,455 kgs of glass in 4 years. The system has also helped us to save space, eliminate glass related injuries to our staff, reduce noise and bin handling.


Melbourne Convention Centre, Southbank, Melbourne

During our large functions using the machine saves us an enormous amount of space and it’s much more convenient to dispose the glass to the loading dock downstairs. The machine saves us large amounts of staff time.


Jimmy Grants, Fitzroy, Melbourne

We have been using BottleCycler for  most of 2014 and we couldn’t be happier.  As the restaurant is so small we actually have the unit within the restaurant space for all the customers to see.  It is a very quiet machine and it has been a great talking point with the customers, they are all very intrigued and think it is a great idea.

For us as a business; it has made a great difference as we have limited space for bins and recycling is a very strong ethos for Jimmy Grants.  With this product we know that recycling is taking place in thought of the future.  It also reduces the impact of carbon footprint.In regards to service, whenever we have had a question about the machine or have required any particular service the turn around has been under 24hours.

We are so happy with this machine that any future Jimmy Grant stores that are opened we will be installing one of these machines.


The Plough Inn, Southbank, Brisbane

BottleCycler was put on trial at the Plough Inn in October 2013 and we haven’t looked back!

BottleCycler has allowed us to remove all glass from our mixed waste which in turn has reduced the volume of general waste and saved us money. Not to mention has been a positive step in contributing to a “Greener” way of conducting business.

Our bottle crushing machine is located in the bar area and bottles are fed into it as they are collected. This saves double handling, staff do not have to continually go outside to empty our bar bins, which saves time, labour and we have no noise complaints from our neighbours!

The machines are very quiet and do not interfere with general trade what so ever. They are reliable and well maintained at all times.

The BottleCycler “Blue Bins” are emptied on a weekly basis without fail at a time that suits the business.

I would recommend BottleCycler to anyone that is looking for a cheaper, more efficient and greener way of conducting business.


The Bathers’ Pavilion, Balmoral

I have used BottleCycler for many years and the system was crucial to The Bathers’ Pavilion to expand my business. The space saved gave me the opportunity to open our Bathers’ Beach Kiosk which contributed greatly to the growth of my business. I found the system and the service efficient and professional and would be happy to recommend BottleCycler to any organisation in need of a space saving system for their business.


Doyalson Wyee RSL Club, Doylo

“The Bottlecycler has been a great asset to our business cutting down on labour and waste but mostly it has reduced the safety risk of lifting and emptying heavy glass bins.

We have three Bottlecyclers on site which are invaluable and with very minimal maintenance, it makes it all a very simple solution to what was a problem at our Club, the staff find them very easy to use and I can’t imagine going back to how it was before we had them plus the support service from the team at Bottlecycler is first class.”


The Amstel Golf Club, Cranbourne, Melbourne

“We have been recycling our empties using BottleCycler for over 3 years and during this time we have been very happy with its performance and the support from BottleCycler Australia. The unit has been installed on the second story of the Ranfurlie Clubhouse which has removed a major OH&S issue of their transportation of bottles and glass down stairs by staff. The system provides a simple and effective storage and transportation option that totally removed the possibilities for staff to be injured via being cut by broken glass. The system also removed the need to store and remove bulky bottles. We would be happy to recommend BottleCycler as an effective and valuable system.


Captain Cook Cruises, Sydney

We’ve found it to be a saving grace not only for the environment but on time, space, noise and OH&S, which are all important factors when working in close quarters like we do on the MV Sydney 2000.


The Precinct, Melbourne

Having used the BottleCycler system in our previous venue, The Anglers Tavern, we were keen to have the same operation in our new venue, it saves us time and space and we are doing our bit for the environment.


Engadine Bowling Club, Engadine, Sydney

We are situated in a residential area, by eliminating the noise of bottle collection we were able to counter a lot of noise complaints.


Kipling’s Garage Bar, Sydney

“Bottlecycler has been the perfect solution for the removal of bottle waste from our small bar. Storage space is a big issue for us, as is keeping noise levels manageable when waste is removed.

The bottle crusher unit is compact and fits neatly into a tight area, and the noise from crushing bottles can’t be heard during service.  When the unit is emptied the bins are easily wheeled to the bin store outside, and because the class is crushed, the noise from emptying up to 5 bins a week is reduced, keeping our neighbours happy.

It has proven to be a reliable unit and a company easy to liaise with.


Packaging Stewardship Forum

The Packaging Stewardship Forum of AFGC have partnered with Bottlecycler as a preferred glass recycling solution for the hospitality industry in QLD, Vic and NSW.  The Bottlecycler system ticks the boxes for clean stream recycling, efficiency, safe handling and space saving in a busy and often cluttered environment.  It also provides a clean glass stream for recycling with a much higher yield of glass to glass recycling than standard collections.